Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heaven on Earth - exploring with the pack

This was Ammo’s life two months ago. My heart broke for him, but since my life has been a teensy bit complicated lately, I wasn’t sure I had the energy for a rescue. My killer manipulative skills being what they are, I e-mailed a photo of Ammo at the shelter to a dog loving friend with the sad story of Ammo’s life in hell. Enter said friend and an accomplice who decreed that Ammo would be a group project. And so I adopted him, and Uncle M and Auntie S pitched in with the care, training, and rehab of a very frightened dog.

This morning; uncaged and off-leash.

Hey Scud! What's this???

Mmmmmmmm...dead stuff! Wonder if Mom will let me roll in it?

Scud: "So did you get to pee on enough stuff, buddy?”
Ammo: “Yeah, but I still got some left for the floor when we get home.”

Hey thanks, Mom, Uncle M, and Auntie S!
This is so much better than a cage!

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  1. Ammo got to learn some stuff from Scud - awesome!